Elliott Goldstein offers the following consulting services:

1. Seminars - in-house, private, customized training of staff

"Legal Aspects of Video Surveillance: Workplace"

a) Legality of conducting surveillance on employees

  • in the workplace theft, assaults, sleeping on the job, etc.
    unionized (grievances and arbitration)
    non-unionized ("just cause for dismissal")
  • outside the workplace malingering, exaggerating disability
    abuse of sick leave
    abuse of compensation or benefits
  • affect of Charter provisions
    s. 7 "security of the person"
    s. 8 "protection against unreasonable search or seizure"

b) Legality of conducting surveillance on customers

  • to deter shoplifting
  • to detect, verify, and identify shop thieves
  • privacy provisions

c) Steps to remove the "reasonable expectation of privacy"

  • posting of signs or notices
  • use of written consents to interception examples
  • use of waiver clauses in employment contracts examples

2. Risk Assessments to identify areas of potential liability

  • assessment of need for video surveillance
  • use of video cameras - kind, number and placement
  • use in sensitive areas washrooms, locker rooms, change rooms,
  • legal liability for inadequate security
  • potential liability for "dummy" video cameras

3. Video Production consulting, scripting, reviewing, etc.

  • plaintiffs assist in planning "day-in-the-life" videotapes
  • producing videotapes of views of accident scenes
  • defendants assisting in challenging "day-in-the-life" videos
  • advising on the selection of pictures of plaintiffs injuries

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